Our Core Values


DEEM prioritizes accountability to ensure clients stay committed to their health goals, fostering trust and consistent progress.

Results Oriented

DEEM’s focus on results means clients see tangible improvements, motivating and empowering them to achieve their fitness aspirations.


DEEM’s emphasis on longevity ensures that clients not only meet short-term goals but also sustain a healthy lifestyle for years, enhancing their overall well-being.

Quality of Life

DEEM’s commitment to quality of life means that clients experience a holistic transformation, enjoying a fuller, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

About D.E.E.M.

About The Owner

Mikkie is a certified Holistic/Sports Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and more. Her passion is helping people lead disease-free lives through exercise and nutrition. She has worked with moms, to members with chronic illness, to athletes and has seen the impact of how a  tailored diet and exercise program makes all the difference.

Mikkie focuses on improving overall health and addressing chronic disease like diabetes and high cholesterol. She believes good health advice should be affordable for anyone that wants to live a healthier lifestyle.

I gained unexpected knowledge about long-term health, understanding my body better, and focusing on the big picture.

Our Tailored Services

At DEEM, we believe in the power of personalized services to help you succeed in your fitness journey. We offer a range of programs to cater to your unique needs and goals. Our expert trainers and coaches will inspire and motivate you to unlock your full potential. With dedication and hard work, you can achieve your dreams and transform your life. Let us help you on your journey to success.


Your journey to a healthier, stronger you begins with our Full Membership. Experience the difference with four monthly one-on-one personal training sessions and a nutrition plan tailored to your unique needs. Our biweekly assessments guarantee you’re always on the path to success. Gain full access to our modern facilities, and unlock your full potential.

Personal Training

Take your goals to the next level with 1 on 1 personal training with one of our personal trainers. During your sessions, they will help you to learn correct form and create a personalized workout plan based on your goals.

Nutrition & Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is deferent for everyone. That is why we take a customized approach to each member to help them to active their goals. We will look to see what you nutritional habits currently are and take in consideration any allergies or dietary resections to make a customized nutrition plan that will help you to reach your goals.

Fitness Classes

Join us for a small group class! Come during your lunch break or join us for specialty classes like our Stronger Than You Think Class, presented in partnership with the John Rudy Center. Join us for fitness that goes beyond the ordinary!

The DEEM Difference

What you can expect when working with DEEM?

At DEEM, we redefine Lifestyle – integrating Diet, Exercise, Education, and Mindset. What sets us apart in Vernon is our commitment to understanding your unique needs and fostering a holistic path to well-being. Expect more than just workouts; anticipate a transformative experience. Your journey towards a healthier and happier self begins at DEEM, where wellness meets the charm of Vernon.

  • Increased Confidence

  • Change in Mindset

  • Consistent Accountability

  • Positive Support & Guidance

  • Understanding of Fitness & Nutrition

  • Actual, Lasting Results

Our Process

Your First Steps

Start your wellness journey with our comprehensive Initial Consultation, a personalized experience tailored to your unique goals and aspirations. This two-part consultation begins with an insightful exploration of who you are, understanding your desires, and delving into what you aim to achieve. If you decide to proceed, the second consultation involves a detailed assessment, including measurements, weight analysis, and body composition evaluation based on your Lean Body Mass (LBM)and Percent Body Fat. We will guide you through the significance of these metrics, discuss your paperwork, and address any queries to lay the foundation for your customized plan.

First Day of Training

Your fitness adventure kicks off with a dynamic First Day of Training. Begin with a core assessment and body movement analysis to help our trainers craft a tailored workout plan aligned with your goals. This initial session sets the stage for the following 3-4 sessions, during which we will meticulously go over your workout plan and nutrition strategy. Through a holistic approach, we focus not only on exercises but also on cultivating sustainable habits for lasting success.

On Going support & Education

We are here to support you in your fitness journey by regularly assessing your progress to ensure effective tracking. We teach you why specific exercises are incorporated, whether it’s for growth, coordination, injury prevention, or flexibility. Our ongoing nutrition support empowers you to understand the nuances of macro and micronutrients, guiding you on their relevance at different stages. We help you unlock the mysteries of food labels and discover hidden knowledge that will enable you to make healthier choices. This journey is about discovering your body, recognizing positive responses, and tailoring your approach to meet your unique goals.


Living in Okanagan is a wonderful experience, and a healthy lifestyle is the key to fully enjoy it. Our Lifestyle sessions offer a holistic approach to well-being that integrates Diet, Exercise, Education, and Mindset. By exploring the interplay of these elements, you can unlock your full potential and achieve lasting well-being. Our experts can guide you on the path to balance, giving you the tools to enrich your knowledge, nurture a mindset conducive to success, and understand the symbiotic relationship between diet and exercise. With this comprehensive approach, you can achieve a state of balance that will help you thrive in every aspect of your life.

Classes Workshops & Courses

Lunch Time Group Fitness Class

Transforming Lives, One Success Story at a Time

After 15 years of an active lifestyle, my wife’s debilitating illness led to disability. For 5 years, she struggled with her health, weight gain, and fading spirit. We tried various weight loss centers, but they only cared about money. Then, I heard about ‘The Biggest Loser’ Competition on the radio. I contacted Mikkie, who showed genuine concern. My wife’s physical and spiritual transformation began with her help. She didn’t win the competition, but she regained her life.


At 51, my health hit rock bottom – mobility lost, excruciating pain, and 280 pounds. Severe osteoarthritis fueled despair. Seeking change, I contacted Mikkie. No more fad diets, just tailored nutrition. I shed 20 pounds, added outdoor activity, and stayed committed. Weekly meetings and Mikkie’s support kept me motivated. Prioritized health over work, treasured mobility, and thrived. Then, a brain tumour diagnosis. Surgery and recovery in 30 days due to a healthier body. Mikkie’s guidance revealed body intricacies, fostering better choices. Now 207 pounds, on a path to a longer, healthier life.


Working with Mikkie has been a game-changer for me. Despite my severe health issues like fibromyalgia, I’ve shed 5kg and inches. Mikkie’s guidance improved my pain, sleep, and work prospects. Her tailored approach beats past nutritionists, considering my health and adapting swiftly. Her support is priceless.


I’ve taken on challenges with Mikkie, shedding inches and improving food choices. Mikkie’s tips for extra workouts are genius: squat in the bathroom, while waiting for the kettle, or during microwave time. I dropped 22.5 lbs in my last challenge and gained self-confidence. Eating right means no more packing my cupboards at work. Mikkie shares recipes and alternative nutrition and exercise options.

I gained unexpected knowledge about long-term health, understanding my body better, and focusing on the big picture. I’ve learned to enjoy healthier versions of my favorite foods and bake treats for myself and Mikkie. This approach makes me want to eat healthy daily. Mikkie’s personalized and flexible coaching stands out, tailored to my preferences and lifestyle. She supports mental health and motivates even during challenging times, creating a warm and welcoming coaching experience.

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