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DEEM Health + Fitness

Let our passion for fitness and health guide you to meet your Personal Health + Fitness goals

Our Mission

Create a welcoming and safe space for people looking to better their health through our years of experience, knowledge, and expertise. Through our name DEEM – Diet Exercise Education Mindset, is how we take a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Our Vision

To enable individuals with the tools for a healthy lifestyle to help ensure a better quality of life.

Our Values

We value what it means to be part of a healthy community. We take pride in our services we provide through information, action, motivation, and recommendations.

Why Choose Deem Health + Fitness

Our Full Gym Membership  & Coaching Services

DEEM Health + Fitness, your destination for holistic well-being in Vernon, BC.

At DEEM, we redefine fitness by offering more than just workouts; we focus on transforming lives through a comprehensive approach to health. Our commitment lies in nurturing your body with tailored nutrition, personalized exercise plans, continuous education, and fostering a positive mindset.
Led by dedicated professionals like Mikkie, our team ensures individualized care and attention, creating a supportive environment for your fitness journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’ve got your answers right here!

I’ve been exercising, and the scale isn’t budging, what am I doing wrong?2023-12-19T01:29:34+00:00

Answer: Start measuring! Lean body mass, percent body fat and measuring inches is a helpful way to determine if your efforts are working.  Healthy habits like exercising and a proper nutrition plan can change your lean body mass, giving you a sleeker and leaner look with the number on the scale stay the same or even increase.

Can anyone join to the DEEM Health + Fitness?2023-12-19T01:29:34+00:00

Answer: Yes! We are inclusive and welcome anyone that is wanting to achieve a healthier lifestyle and achieve their goals.

When will I start seeing results?2023-12-19T01:29:34+00:00

Answer: Most of our members will start to see underlying results in about 6-8 weeks, this includes improved blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar ect. Noticeable physique changes can happen anywhere from 3- 6 months with proper nutrition and workout plans.

Why is nutrition an important factor on my health journey?2023-12-19T01:29:34+00:00

Answer: Proper nutrition is what gives your body the fuel it needs to sustain and support us in our activity. By eating enough whole foods in the correct balances and timing, is where you will not only feel better but start seeing your body change.

What does DEEM Stand for?2023-12-19T01:29:34+00:00

Answer: Diet, Exercise, Education and Mindset.

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