Lunch Time Group Fitness Class

Time is precious, with only 24 hours in a day, and we’re simply asking for 30 minutes. Join us for our quick and effective lunchtime fitness sessions, an investment that will elevate your well-being and boost your energy levels.

Get a jump start on a Healthier You

Who can join:

Unlike large fitness groups, our approach is more personalized, ensuring you receive the attention you deserve.

When is the class

All sessions start promptly at 12:15 pm and last just 30 minutes, making it effortless to incorporate a powerful workout into your busy day. Let’s redefine your lunch break with a commitment to health and vitality. Join us in this transformative journey

What will you Learn

Experience the difference with our themed classes: Muscle Up Monday allows you to transform your arms and boost your confidence while Tighten & Tone Tuesday offers a core-focused blast that empowers you. Wing Wednesday dedicates itself to a strong and defined arms workout while Thursdays are for Tush & Thighs, a specialized class to sculpt and strengthen your legs and butt.

Muscle Up Monday Class Workout

Transform your arms and boost your confidence! Join our quick and energizing lunchtime workout, designed to tone and strengthen your arms. Our dynamic routine blends strength training, resistance work, and focused movements, ensuring effective results.

Tighten & Tone Tuesday – Abs/Core Class Workout

Join us every Tuesday for our dynamic “Tighten & Tone” class focused on enhancing your core strength and sculpting your abs. Our expert instructors guide you through effective exercises that engage and tighten your core, leaving you feeling empowered and confident.

Wacky Wednesday Cardio

Join us for an exhilarating cardio experience like no other with our Wacky Wednesday Cardio class led by the energetic and enthusiastic instructor, Mikkie! Get ready to kickstart your Wednesday with a burst of energy, fun, and a whole lot of sweat in this high-energy fitness session.

Tush & Thighs Thursday – Legs and Butt Class Workout

Join us for a focused session designed to tone, shape, and strengthen your legs and glutes. We will guide you through dynamic exercises that target these key areas, helping you achieve the firmness and confidence you desire. This class is tailored to help you sculpt and define your lower body.

Your Instructor/s

Mikkie Nettles-Pollon

Certified Holistic/Sports Nutritionist, a BCRPA Personal Trainer

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