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When I reached out to Mikkie, I was in trouble. My body was shutting down, and I could barely walk as I had lost mobility in my left leg, and I was in a lot of pain at 51 years old, working way too much and not putting myself first. I had concluded I was going to die like this after so many attempts and yo-yo dieting. Recently diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis and at my heaviest of 280 pounds, I knew something had to change.


I messaged Mikkie because I have done all the diets before, and eating a pound of bacon with the most recent fad, the “Keto” diet, was not my idea of eating healthy. I could only start with what I was eating because there was no way I could work out, never mind, walk two blocks. Mikkie came up with a plan for me to eliminate certain things to see how my body would react. My metabolism kicked into high gear, and I dropped 20 pounds quickly, allowing me to start riding a stationary bike. I slowly started walking longer distances, and being outside was now my gym. I was still following Mikkie‘s food plan and struggled with getting back on track after cheat days. Mikkie and I met weekly to do measurements, and she was always there for me if I needed quick motivation to stay on track. It was exciting because I was starting to get compliments.

I began to make myself a priority and not my job. I started to recognize how to work sick I was and how it contributed to my poor health. I will never take my mobility for granted ever again, and I will keep moving because I have seen benefits that will extend my life.

Mikkie is a wonderful and supportive person who understands that change takes time, and she sticks with you. I owe her so much for teaching me about nutrition and how and why my body responds to different foods and vitamins. In this journey about a year later, I was killing it, hiking daily and literally climbing mountains!! I then found out I had a brain tumour, but thanks to my healthy body, I had surgery and was back hiking and working in 30 days! We learned a lot about my body and what it’s sensitive to, and that was something I never did find out with any fad diet plan. I value every bite that goes into my body, and the advice I receive has me making better choices for life. I will live longer thanks to Mikkie, and I am now currently 207 lbs.



What I didn't expect was the knowledge I would gain about being healthy long term. I have learned more about how my specific body behaves, which has made me feel more comfortable in it. I have learned that health is long term and looking at the big picture helps when I feel discouraged. If you need a break, listen to that. I have learned how to make versions of foods I love more healthy. I have learned how to bake healthy treats which I share with Mikkie all the time. This has allowed me to "cheat" without cheating. It makes me want to eat healthy everyday because it's made food yummy not heavy. This process has made me comfortable with healthy eating, and having an exercise regimen in such a way that I truly do feel different without. It has made me want to continue being active and fueling myself well.


Mikkie stands out because of how personalized and realistic she is. Everything is tailored to YOU. You're not fed from a "cookie cutter" plan. If you don't like something or a part doesn't fit with your lifestyle there are other ways to get the same results in different ways. She helps make it fit into your life so that you DO get long term results. She is very understanding about mental health needs in this process. Feeling discouraged, you thought you had a good week, but saw little results, everything that comes with this journey Mikkie helps you through with a smile and some encouragement. She is a very warm, welcoming coach.


karen front before.jpg
karen front after.jpg

I have done a few challenges with Mikkie and I have lost inches, learnt how to make better food choices. Mikkie has given many  tricks to get in extra workouts.Like do squats in the bathroom, or while waiting for your kettle to boil, or the microwave.

My last challenge I lost 22.5 lbs, I knew that I had lost inches, but was surprisingly happy when I sent Mikkie my before and after pictures. I have gained self confidence from losing my inches and weight. I have also discovered with with eating the right foods, you don't have to take 1/2 your cupboards to work incase you get hungry. Eat healthy food and you eat alot less.

Mikkie gives recipes, and offers alternative for both nutrition and exercise classes


I have lost over 5kg and several inches all over since I started working with Mikkie which is great especially considering my current health issues. 


I have severe fibromyalgia amongst other health issues to the point that I am considered handicapped. Working with Mikkie has drastically reduced my overall pain and discomfort not least due to instilling healthier eating and lifestyle habits and routines that helps me better manage my condition. My sleep routine has improved and I have managed to return to and remain in work which is due in part to my awareness of diet and routine.  Mentally having Mikkie's support has been invaluable. 


I don't have a huge amount of experience here but I have seen other nutritionists under medical referral and working with Mikkie has certainly been much more effective and easier to follow than previous experiences. Mikkie takes into account my health conditions and quickly helps me to adapt when needed and I have no doubt of her capabilities in this area.


A much better understanding on how my body reacts to what I eat. I have totally bought into the homegrown online exercise routine from Mon-Fri- Love it! I now understand that just jogging is not enough. At my age it is imperative that I do resistant training/weights.

I have lost almost 30 lbs and was only thinking that 15 lbs would be enough. I feel much better now about myself and have an overall healthier feeling. Love my muscles, I can actually see them.

There is little comparison as Mikkie has more experience, certifications and knows what she is doing. She is at an elite level that is hard for many others to match. Her Homegrown, feel good approach makes all she offers so easy to digest. Online exercising with her; feels like she’s right there in my home. She explains how to do everything to prevent injury. Makes it completely affordable so I don’t have to have a gym in my home. I can do it at my pace and at anytime during the day. Nutritional information is easy to follow and she is always available to change things up if things aren’t working the way I would like.




"I don't want to look like that again."
- Dashiell



After 15 years of active lifestyle, my wife found herself on disability due to a debilitating illness.

For a long 5 years I saw once; bubbly, vibrant, beautiful women unable to function in any way she was accustomed to. As the weight piled on, her spirit slowly disappear. I knew I had to find some way to break the downward spiral. We tried going to other weight loss centers but all they wanted was our money they wouldn't answer our questions and my wife kept saying 'NO' !

I heard an ad on the radio about something called The Biggest Loser' Competition on my way into work one morning. When I got to work, I took the time to call, I made contact with Mikkie through email and explained out story hoping for an opening to get my wife in. t

They sent her an email at home with my letter attached and set an appointment up.

Without Mikkie's genuine concern and obvious natural caring personality 'The' transformation would not have begun to take place. Within a week i noticed the change starting to take over my wife... physically yes... but more importantly I started to see the fog lift, the spirit return and the hope reappear. Although she did not win the 'Biggest Loser' she won something more important. 

She won the fight to get her life back."

Starting weight: 235 lbs

Weight lost: 85 lbs

Final weight: 149 lbs

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