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Mikkie's Tip of the month


Let’s talk about the “M” in D.E.E.M. Health. M = Mindset.

Mindset defines our perspectives and these fundamental attitudes will naturally affect what we do

and how we get there. Having a positive and successful mindset can lead to creating

success-making habits and finally achieving long-term success. 


March encompasses most of the days of the Christian Lenten season. For those that practice Lent, knows that it is all about the mindset. To be successful with so many disciplines, one has to be mindful all the time. DEEM Health focuses on the Growth Mindset.

Growth Mindset: I can improve with effort and practice.

Embraces challenges: Excited for the next steps. Knows that it won't be easy, but ready to work hard. Has the right people backing them to help when needed.

Pushes through setbacks: Sometimes setbacks hold us back. With a Growth Mindset, you can turn setbacks into learning opportunities. What went wrong? What can be done to set the train back on its tracks?

Believes that effort is most important: Focusing on making the effort with all that applies to a healthier you, will make you successful!

Uses feedback as a way to improve: There is no such thing as good criticism, criticism in itself is negative and cannot be turned into a positive. However, useful feedback from a DEEM Health professional is worth listening to. If you are open to useful feedback you will learn and grow.

     Is inspired by and learns from other's success: Making sure to surround yourself with the right people, with the right attitudes.         Watching and reading about other's successes. Setting a positive trajectory and putting aside what doesn’t move you in the           right direction will get you to your desired outcomes.


                                                                    Lent has some things we could all buy into... Learning a little more self-discipline,

                                                  be mindful of others and feel better about who we are.

                                Contact us today to discover how YOU can achieve your goal of a healthier YOU!

                                                        or call: (672) 572-1690

Over the next few months, we will break down each letter of DEEM and what they mean.

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